Award Categories

Individuals and organizations (nonprofit and for-profit) are invited to submit entries for individuals, businesses or groups for their outstanding achievement in the following categories. We encourage you to submit a nominee in as many categories as appropriate; however, each organization may enter only one nominee per category.

Legacy Award
This award recognizes the cumulative philanthropic efforts of an individual, family or family foundation over a period of 10 or more years of exceptional generosity who, through direct financial support, demonstrates outstanding civic and charitable responsibility and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles in the community. Candidates will specifically demonstrate significant, long-term involvement with one or more Orange County nonprofit organizations. The Legacy Award is given at the discretion of the judging panel and may not be awarded every year.

Outstanding Corporation or Business
This award recognizes a corporation or business that has created a culture of philanthropy with their organization and has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to philanthropy through its: 1) financial support of one or more nonprofit organizations, 2) leadership involvement, and 3) volunteer participation and commitment of its workforce in establishing a role model for other businesses in our community. This award does not recognize a single individual representing a corporation or business, but rather the work of the entire corporation or business.

Corporations or Businesses are reviewed in three categories:

  • Large – 500 employees or more
  • Mid-size – 51 to 499 employees
  • Small – 1 to 50 employees

Outstanding Founder
Recognizes an outstanding individual or group of individuals for their achievement, leadership and vision in establishing a successful nonprofit organization (not an event) dedicated to providing important charitable services to the community, or to improving the quality of life for individuals and families living in Orange County.

Outstanding Philanthropic Group
Recognizes an outstanding volunteer group (e.g., corporate or industry volunteer team, guild or auxiliary, civic/service club) that has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the community through direct involvement, financial support and leadership. The group should have official status or recognition, i.e., be a chartered support group or incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

Outstanding Philanthropist
This award recognizes an outstanding individual, family or family foundation with a proven record of exceptional financial generosity and volunteer leadership to one or more Orange County nonprofit organizations who has: 1) demonstrated extraordinary civic and charitable responsibility, and 2) whose generosity inspires others to philanthropic action. This award is to honor the achievements of a living person; if a foundation is proposed, there should be at least one living founder.

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser
This award recognizes an outstanding volunteer who has: 1) demonstrated exceptional leadership in coordinating and motivating others to accomplish a philanthropic project for the benefit of a charitable institution, and 2) has devoted a substantial amount of personal time, energy, and creativity to one or more nonprofit organizations, exemplifying the spirit of volunteerism at its best.

Outstanding Youth or Youth Group
This award recognizes service by an outstanding individual (under 21 years of age), youth group or youth-generated project that has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the community through direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and/or leadership. AFPOC is pleased to announce that this year’s Outstanding Youth Honoree will receive a $750 personal scholarship award PLUS a $2,500 award to give to the charity of their choice!