Rules & Judging Criteria

The AFP Orange County Chapter annually bestows nine Outstanding Awards for Philanthropy to recognize individuals and organizations whose philanthropic achievements have made an impact on the Orange County community.

The selection process takes place in June and July and all nominators are contacted by phone or email by the end of August. The luncheon to recognize honorees takes place in November.

Before nominating an individual, organization or foundation, please obtain their permission for submission.

A distinguished panel of judges comprised of business and community leaders, philanthropists, past Honorees and nonprofit professionals from the Orange County community evaluate the nominee submissions.


  • Nominee clearly meets award category requirements in which they have been nominated.
  • The primary focus should be on Orange County efforts. National and/or international philanthropic involvements will be appropriately considered, but will not substitute for local involvement.
  • Describe how this person/organization has made a difference in Orange County. Cite tangible and quantifiable examples of the nominee’s impact to the community. Discuss evidence of dedication, innovation, creativity and vision; include how nominee inspires and motivates others to act charitably.
  • Add details and include hard data of direct support, including the financial contributions, volunteer activities, number of people impacted, outcomes, etc. Generate excitement and enthusiasm for your nominee. Share an inspirational story or anecdotal information; be descriptive.
  • Focus on ongoing activities and overall efforts.
  • Research what your nominee is doing with other groups; encourage other groups to also submit a nomination for your nominee.
  • Submit your nomination as though the judging panel does not know your nominee – they may not! Be as specific and detailed as possible.
  • Be persistent! This is an extremely competitive process, so if your nominee doesn’t win, try again next year. Persistence pays off!

For more information, email the AFPOC Office or call (949) 436-2939.

All materials become the property of AFPOC and may be utilized at the organization's discretion. No materials will be returned to you. Posthumous nominations will not be accepted.